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Services We Offer

CB’s NP Health Services provides Health and Wellness services by evaluating and treating the following conditions: allergies, sore throats, pink eye, stye, sinus infections, ear wax removal, ear pain/infections, upper respiratory infection symptoms, minor skin conditions. We provide Covid PCR nasal testing and screening exams. We also provide school sports exams as well as Department Of Transportation (DOT) exams for commercial school and bus drivers. Wellness exams are also available. We also treat chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety and depression. Some services can be completed virtually.

Testing We Provide

CB’s NP Health Services is able to provide the following point of care testing which can be done at the clinic: urinalysis, urine pregnancy, rapid strep. flu, PCR nasal Covid testing, and minor blood tests. We are Clia Lab Certified and partnered with Quest Diagnostics and MicrogenDx Laboratories.

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